About Garrett Hofer

As a junior in high school, Garrett Hofer helped his father get back on track for his life goals after losing his long-term job in his early 50s. This inspired Garrett Hofer Colorado in his career choice of helping families with their finance after he learned there are many brilliant people who don’t have a plan for the unexpected events in life.

Garrett Hofer graduated with honors from the University of Wyoming with a B.S. in Finance. While Garret Hofer attended the University of Wyoming, he played Club Rugby and was the President of the Financial Management Association.

Garrett Hofer Colorado attained the certification as a CFP® Professional at the early age of 24. Garrett Hofer enjoys the comprehensive process of helping people understand and achieve their financial aspirations. Garrett Hofer Colorado dedicates time to the ACP Veterans Mentor Program. T

his is Garrett Hofer’s 3rd year of engagement working with a military Veteran to ensure a successful transition from military life to private enterprise. In Garrett Hofer’s free time, he focuses on finding ways to create an active and healthy lifestyle for himself and his family.

Garrett Hofer Colorado enjoys spending quality time outside and enjoying a wide range of activities such as hiking, fishing, horseback riding, basketball, rugby, football, soccer, swimming, playing at the beach, and climbing rock walls.

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