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Garrett Hofer of East Lyme Recommends Family Fun While Adhering to Social Distancing

Families Need to Have Fun Despite Being Self-Quarantined, Explains Garrett Hofer of East Lyme

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused kids and adults alike to be self-quarantined within their homes. Due to social distancing regulations, schools and extracurricular activities have been canceled. Garrett Hofer of Colorado, a mentor to Veterans, talks about establishing as much normalcy as possible.

Families can still enjoy fun and it’s an opportunity to get back to basics. It can be a way to bond as a family unit while also enjoying some fresh air. Garrett Hofer of East Lymehas discussed a variety of activities that families can use to bond, including fishing, hiking, and more.

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Garrett Hofer of East Lyme urges families to understand that the pandemic regulations require people to maintain a six-foot distance from others. Although there are “stay at home” orders, it does not mean that people are prisoners within their homes. Many trails are still open. It’s possible to take walks and enjoy sports in open fields. Additionally, what families choose to do within their own backyards is perfectly acceptable.

Garrett Hofer spends a significant amount of time outside, participating in activities such as rugby, football, and soccer. Although these activities offer family fun, many fall outside of the rules of social distancing. However, families can still find ways to bond while enjoying their favorite sports. Garrett Hofer recommends exploring video games that focus on favorite sports of the family. With everyone holding a controller, it can offer some family-friendly competitions. Additionally, now is a great time to catch up on some of the greatest historical sporting events!

Garrett Hofer of East Lyme has volunteered within the ACP Veterans Mentor Program to help military personnel to transition into the private sector. This includes helping families reconnect after long periods apart and to make the most of new times together.

Communication is Key | Garrett Hofer of East Lyme

Garrett Hofer of East Lyme says that the most important thing during the pandemic is to ensure that there is plenty of communication happening within the family. Younger children may not understand what is going on. There is a significant amount of upheaval to the daily routine. Children cannot interact with their friends and parents may be working from home. Garrett Hofer recommends trying to keep a relaxed atmosphere and finding ways to have as much fun as possible. Further, added communication with the family, along with extended family and friends, can be explored using virtual tools such as FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom.

Families need to bond. Prior to the pandemic, a study commissioned by Visit Anaheim showed that families were only spending approximately 37 quality minutes together a day. Garrett Hofer demonstrates how it’s possible to expand that time with the stay at home orders that are in place. While it’s outside of the norm, family fun can and should continue. Families should focus on getting back to basics – togetherness and supporting your loved ones!

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