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Garrett Hofer Offers Tips for Teaching Kids to Tie Flies

Sharing hobbies with your kids can be a great educational and bonding opportunity. Garrett Hofer is an avid fly fishermen. Having learned at age seven, he has now passed the craft down to his son. He offers a few tips for introducing kids to the art of fly tying.

First Garrett Hofer recommends using simple patterns. As with any craft, it’s best to start easy and work up to more complex designs. Begin teaching them versatile tying techniques they can apply to several patterns.

Also, Garrett Hofer CT advises using large patterns with brightly-colored thread. This makes it easier for you and your pupil to gauge their handiwork. Proportion, sparsity, and color blending are more visible on a large fly. Let them express their creativity and don’t worry too much at first about color matching. Most fish won’t care about color coordination.Garrett Hofer

“My son loves to make new creations each time before we go fly fishing,” Garrett Hofer (originally from Colorado) says.

Garrett Hofer took entomology classes in college and likes to teach his son fun facts about the different insects they are trying to imitate.

Once you’ve created some imitation insects, it’s also important to learn the art of properly presenting the flies to fish. Before having your child cast a line, have them practice basic movements with a fly rod. Orvis is a renowned fishing and outdoor brand and they have some great instructional videos that can be viewed at:

Like learning any new skill, Garrett Hofer East Lyme says, when it comes to fly tying and fishing, practice makes perfect. Be patient with your child as they learn. Remember, it’s not what they catch that’s important. It’s the rewarding process of spending quality time together learning, enjoying one another’s company, and interacting outdoors and experiencing Nature’s splendor.

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Garrett Hofer CT Co-Founds Inclusive Community Rugby League

Garrett Hofer of East Lyme, a lifelong athlete, former collegiate rugby player, and active community volunteer, has married two of his great passions by co-founding a new sports league. Garrett Hofer and co-founder Michael Meyer established the Shoreline Spartans Rugby Team in 2017. Their goal is to provide kids and teens on the Connecticut shoreline with an opportunity to learn and play rugby in a safe, supportive, inclusive, and fun environment.

Garrett Hofer and his father

“We set up a youth program that allows young girls and boys to play rugby no matter their ability,” Garrett Hofer Connecticut said. “We have some children with autism, Asperger’s, cognitive disabilities, and physical disabilities that all get considerable playing time.”

The league also keeps costs to a minimum, making the sport accessible to low-income families. Garrett Hofer CT and Meyer both know firsthand the value athletics can have on kids and teens in school and life. Cost should not be an obstacle to reaping those benefits, the co-founders say. The Spartans host fundraisers to help offset costs for participants.

When the team had its first practice in spring 2017, there were just seven participants. Today, there are about 40, including about 20 high schoolers. Garrett Hofer and Meyers’ kids play in the league and the two men are volunteer coaches.

The Spartans hold weekly practices and in 2019 hosted their first rugby tourney. The event, which included three high school teams and four youth programs from other areas, was an outstanding success. The Spartans and their fellow teams had such a great time, Garrett Hofer said, they’re planning another tourney in 2020.

In addition to hosting more tourneys, Garrett Hofer and Meyer are hoping to expand the league’s offerings to include summer camps, an adult league, and a women’s league.

Before starting the Spartans, Garrett Hofer East Lyme played two years of Club Rugby at the University of Wyoming. Meyer, too, has a long history with rugby. Meyer was a captain at Southern Connecticut State University and played in several adult leagues, including the Connecticut Gray. Mr. Meyer was the head coach at Mitchell College rugby for eight years.

“We are very proud of the community that has formed around these young athletes. We have parents who knew nothing about rugby and now love it. We have players that were not excelling in other sports but now get to play a sport they are good at and love,” Garrett Hofer said. “We teach important fundamentals at every practice, such as sportsmanship, anti-bullying, self-worth, teamwork, and the knowledge that a person can accomplish great things if they give 100 percent. We believe because of these teachings we created a great organization.”

Connect with Shoreline Spartans Rugby via Facebook:

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Garrett Hofer Discusses Why He Loves Spending Time Outdoors with the Family

Garrett Hofer of East Lyme, CT, loves nothing more than spending time with his family. As a working father, avid volunteer, and rugby coach, his days are typically packed from sunrise to sunset, but he never fails to make time for his wife and kids. One of the best ways to get the most out of family time, he says, is by spending time outdoors together.

From an early age, Garrett Hofer has loved the outdoors. Growing up with a single dad, a Vietnam veteran, he learned to appreciate the simple things in life over material goods.Garrett Hofer of East Lyme

“I love immersing myself in nature and taking time to enjoy the amazing experiences that many people never see or pay attention to [like] sunrises, sunsets, the natural world coming to life each day, and getting to truly philosophize when nobody else is around,” Garrett Hofer said.

Although he didn’t travel by plane until his senior year of high school, he and his dad were avid explorers, taking road trips in his camper-truck from Arvada, CO to nearby destinations. Throughout his childhood and teen years, Garrett Hofer recalls visiting Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, and Montana, and various spots in Colorado. These precious memories with his dad inspired him to want to create the same moments with his family.

While attending the University of Wyoming, Garrett Hofer played rugby. One of the many benefits of his athletic participation was the opportunity to travel more. The team ventured to Universities in Utah, Nebraska, and Colorado for matches.

After graduation, Garrett Hofer moved cross-country to Connecticut, where he started his professional career and met his spouse. The pair shared many things in common, among them a desire to explore the world, and spent several years traveling before they tied the knot. Some of their favorite destinations include Maui, Jupiter, FL, Key West, FL, Steamboat Springs, CO, Texas, St. Thomas, VI, Southampton, NY, and Newport, RI. Garrett Hofer mentioned some other favorite destinations for natural beauty and outdoor recreation include Jackson Hole, WY, Brooks Range and Katmai National Park in Alaska, the Hebrides in Scotland, British Columbia, and Argentina.

Like many New Englanders, Garrett Hofer and his family enjoy some winter activities in New England, but also like to go to warmer climates like FL. Wherever they are, Garrett Hofer of CT and his family are happiest when spending time together. Whether walking through forests in New England, hiking mountains in Colorado, or relaxing on the beach in Florida, being immersed in nature provides unique opportunities to strengthen family bonds and experience precious time together.

Garrett Hofer Explains 3 Reasons to Play Rugby

There are numerous reasons to encourage your child to participate in a team sport or to join a league yourself.  Playing sports like rugby provide significant health benefits, a sense of camaraderie, and great fun! Garrett Hofer of East Lyme, CT, is the co-founder of the Shoreline Spartans Rugby Team and an avid sportsman. Here are three of the many benefits of playing rugby. 

3 Benefits of Playing Rugby 


  • Boost Bone Health


It may seem counterintuitive, but putting stress on the bones through exercises such as strength training and rugby is a great way to increase bone strength. Like muscle, bone responds to stress by getting stronger. Rugby incorporates various movements, from throwing to running and tackling, which utilize the bones and stimulate calcium deposition along the stress points, increasing bone density. A healthy bone density is essential to reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life. 

    1. Reduces Stress
      Exercise releases endorphins, also known as the “happy hormone.” Endorphins not only elevate the mood in the short-term but regular endorphin release through activities like team sports can also improve long-term mental wellness. In addition to promoting a more positive mindset, playing sports like rugby can improve sleep and reduce stress. It can even reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression in people with anxiety or depressive disorders. The camaraderie of the team can provide a strong support network as well, which may provide additional mental health benefits.


  • Great Source of Cardio 


Cardio and aerobic activities (which include jogging, basketball, soccer, football, and rugby) are essential to strengthen and maintain the heart and lungs. In rugby, players constantly run and sprint, increasing their heart rate and lung power. It’s not uncommon to run 5-8 miles in a competitive rugby match.  Maintaining a healthy heart can decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke. Additionally, cardio and aerobic activities burn calories and fat which can improve overall physical health and decrease the risk of problems such as type 2 diabetes. 

More on Garrett Hofer CT 

Garrett Hofer graduated with honors from the University of Wyoming, where he was president of the Financial Management Association and achieved a bachelor’s degree in finance. He has dedicated his life and career to helping individuals and families overcome financial challenges and establish a solid foundation for the future. Garrett Hofer, originally from Colorado, also volunteers time to the ACP Veterans Mentor Program, where he is a mentor helping veterans transition from the military to civilian enterprises. 

In 2017, Garrett Hofer co-founded the Shoreline Spartans Rugby Team with Michael Meyer. 

“We set up a youth program that allows young girls and boys to play rugby no matter their ability,” Garrett Hofer East Lyme said. “We have some children with autism, Aspergers, cognitive disabilities, and physical disabilities that all get considerable playing time.” 

The team’s first practice was on April 5, 2017. The program started with seven kids but has since reached about 40. The league includes a grade-school and high school division. This summer, the Spartans plan to launch a one-week summer rugby day camp for youth. Soon, Garrett Hofer and Michael Meyer plan to add an adult league as well. 

For more information about Garret Hofer East Lyme, connect with him via LinkedIn: Or connect with Shoreline Spartans Rugby via Facebook:

Garrett Hofer Provides 4 Ways to Make the Most of New England Winter

From tranquil ocean shores to pristine snow-topped mountains, New England in winter is a magical place. Garrett Hofer of East Lyme, CT, is one of its greatest admirers. Since relocating from Colorado, Garrett Hofer has been an avid explorer of all New England has to offer at every time of year. Here, the family man discusses four of his favorite ways to spend the season.

1. Sledding
From Vermont to Connecticut, New England’s mountainous landscape is peppered with sled-worthy slopes. Many residents and visitors to New England enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and sledding as great, active ways to spend time outdoors in winter. Garrett Hofer recommends taking kids to a local park or even heading to a ski resort for a day on the slopes followed by a cup of cocoa and a good book by the lodge fireside.

2. Sports
Garrett Hofer, an avid sports fan, loves watching football with friends and family. Although he admires the pros, his favorite teams are those his kids are playing on. His children play indoor soccer and basketball in the winter, a great way for them to stay active. It’s also excellent entertainment for Garrett Hofer and his wife, who enjoy cheering the kids on from the stands.

3. Volunteering
What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by giving back to your community? Garrett Hofer is consistently involved in charity and volunteer efforts year-round. But the winter, he says, is a great time to devote a bit of extra time to volunteer efforts, in part because harsh weather can present additional challenges for those less fortunate. During the holiday season and after, the community-oriented businessman suggests giving to organizations in someone’s name as a great gift for friends, colleagues, and family members. He also volunteers his time with organizations like the American Corporate Partners Veterans Mentor program and encourages others to do the same.

4. Traveling
There’s no shame in being a snowbird! Garrett Hofer, like many northerners, enjoys escaping to warmer climates when possible. One of his favorite spots to take the family is Florida, specifically the Florida Keys and Jupiter, Florida. Along with a plethora of fishing spots, these locales also present plenty of opportunities for fun for the whole family, from relaxing at a beachside resort to dining at one of the state’s fine seafood eateries.
More on Garrett Hofer East Lyme

Garrett Hofer graduated with honors from the University of Wyoming, where he was president of the Financial Management Association, with a bachelor’s degree in finance. At the age of 24, he attained certification as a CFP® Professional. He has dedicated his career to helping individuals and families overcome financial challenges and establish a solid foundation for the future and he enjoys the comprehensive process of helping people understand and achieve their financial aspirations. Garrett Hofer Colorado also volunteers time to the ACP Veterans Mentor Program, where he is a mentor helping veterans transition from the military to civilian enterprises.

For more information about Garrett Hofer East Lyme, visit his LinkedIn

Garrett Hofer Says Travel Is More Than a Pastime: It’s an Education

As Saint Augustine said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” Garrett Hofer of Colorado, an avid adventurer, can’t remember a time he wasn’t infected by the travel bug. Raised by a Vietnam vet single father from the age of four, Garrett Hofer’s family didn’t have the resources for a jet-setting lifestyle. But that didn’t stop him and his dad from having plenty of adventures.

“He has always been a dedicated father and we had a great time traveling in his truck-camper and visiting the nearby states,” Garrett Hofer, who now lives in East Lyme, CT, said.

Growing up in Arvada, a Denver suburb, Garrett Hofer traversed the Midwest, venturing to Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, and Montana to see some of the nation’s most beautiful vistas, from purple mountains’ majesty to amber waves of grain.

“While I did not travel by plane until I was a senior in high school, I’ve always enjoyed seeing new landscapes and meeting new people,” Garrett Hofer CT said.

Upon high school graduation, Garrett Hofer East Lyme attended the University of Wyoming.

“I had a phenomenal college experience and enjoyed balancing academics with playing club rugby for my first two years,” he recalled. “During my rugby career, we traveled to surrounding states and enjoyed playing BYU (Utah), Chadron State (Nebraska), and numerous universities in Colorado (Air Force, CU Boulder, CSU, Univ of Northern CO).”

When he graduated college, he embarked on an adventure all his own, moving across the country to New Haven, CT, to start his career in finance. When he met his spouse in 2001, it was partly a love for travel that brought them together. The two spent years traveling before tying the knot and have since traveled to many more destinations, including some notable favorites: Maui; Jupiter, FL; Key West, FL; Steamboat Springs, CO; Texas; St. Thomas, VI; Southampton, NY; and Newport, RI.

Garrett Hofer, who has dedicated his career to helping others, says traveling is an excellent avenue by which to connect with people from various backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. In addition to teaching him more about the world, visiting new places and meeting new friends and acquaintances has broadened his horizons and provided valuable lessons which he’s applied to his personal and professional life.

More on Garrett Hofer East Lyme

Garrett Hofer graduated with honors from the University of Wyoming, where he was president of the Financial Management Association, and earned a bachelor’s degree in finance. At the age of 24, he attained certification as a CFP® Professional. Garrett Hofer has dedicated his career to helping families overcome financial challenges and achieve their financial aspirations. Garrett Hofer Colorado also volunteers time to the ACP Veterans Mentor Program, where he is a mentor helping veterans transition from the military to civilian enterprises.

For more information about Garrett Hofer East Lyme, visit his LinkedIn:

Garrett Hofer Helps Veterans Transition from Military to Private Enterprise

On November 11th, civilians across the United States gave thanks to veterans and honored victims of wars past and present. With 18.2 million vets in the U.S., most people know at least a handful of people who have served or are currently serving. Many, like Garrett Hofer of East Lyme, are related to one or more brave and honorable individuals. Garrett Hofer, formerly of Colorado, was raised by his single dad, a Vietnam War Army veteran. His brother also served in the Air Force and his nephew is currently serving in the Coast Guard. He knows firsthand how hardworking, adaptable, dedicated, disciplined, and skilled veterans are. Garrett Hofer also knows how challenging it can be for these qualified members of society to find work. For this reason, Garrett volunteers with the American Corporate Partners (ACP) Veterans Mentor program, which endeavors to help veterans transition from military to civilian life.

ACP hand-selects mentors from Fortune 500 companies to work one-on-one with military veterans and spouses to help them establish the skills needed for a successful career in the civilian working world. Volunteer mentors like Garrett Hofer CT volunteer their time to share their knowledge, expertise, and advice.

Per the ACP website, typical mentorships include components such as resume review and interview prep, career exploration, career advancement post-hire, help establishing a work-life balance, networking, small business development, and leadership and professional communication tips and training.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in 2018, the veteran unemployment rate varied widely across the country, from 1.4 percent in Iowa to 6.5 percent in the District of Columbia. Although veterans possess a bevy of skills that can be applied to civilian jobs, it can be challenging for many reasons for vets to make a successful transition.

ACP, a non-profit, to date has helped over 16,000 vets secure a career and 98% of alums say they’d recommend the program to fellow veterans, according to the organization’s website.

Garrett Hofer CT has worked with the organization for three years now. When Garrett Hofer Colorado was a junior in high school, his father, in his 50s at the time, lost his long-term job. The teen stepped up to help his dad pay the bills and regain his footing. Garrett Hofer said the experience showed him there are many brilliant people who don’t have a safety net or backup plan and struggle to cope with unexpected life events, such as job loss.

After graduating with honors from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor’s degree in finance, Garrett Hofer embarked on a career dedicated to helping others.

In addition to helping private families with their finances, Garett Hofer is fulfilled by his volunteer work and helping deserving people like his dad. Mentoring veterans is a small but significant way of thanking Armed Services members for all they have sacrificed.

Find more information about ACP’s mentor program here:

For more information about Garrett Hofer East Lyme, visit his LinkedIn.

Garrett Hofer of East Lyme Says Giving Is the Best Gift for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and, second to enjoying a turkey dinner while watching football with the family, many Americans are looking forward to the holiday for the slew of amazing deals to be had the following morning on Black Friday. Along with Cyber Monday, Black Friday is an unmistakable reminder of the consumerism intertwined with modern celebrations. While most people will appreciate good old fashioned quality time with family and friends over the next two months, most would admit that getting gifts is pretty fun too. Garrett Hofer of East Lyme enjoys getting into the holiday spirit with gifts, decorations, and other festivities just as much as anyone else. Garrett Hofer also reminds us that giving is often better than receiving.

A former Colorado resident now living in Connecticut, Garrett Hofer grew up with a single dad, who was a Vietnam Army veteran. When Garrett Hofer was living in Colorado as a junior in high school, his father, in his 50s at the time, lost his long-term job. The teen rose to the challenge and helped his dad keep the household afloat. Garrett partnered with his father to get back on track and reconnect with his career path. This experience taught Garrett that there are many brilliant people who don’t have a safety net or backup plan and struggle to cope with unexpected life events, such as job loss.

With this personal perspective on finance and its effects on individuals and families, Garrett Hofer decided to dedicate his life and career to helping others. He graduated with honors from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and was president of the Financial Management Association. He is now entering his 20th year with a global wealth management firm and enjoys helping people like his father in achieving their financial aspirations.

Garrett Hofer’s compassion doesn’t just extend to clients. He also volunteers a significant amount of time and personal funds to various charities, including several focused on areas such as Veteran rehabilitation, wildlife preservation, cancer research, and kids’ healthcare. In the spirit of the holiday season, he encourages others to give what they can.

Garrett Hofer of CT believes that it’s crucial to find causes and charities that you are passionate about supporting. Giving back and making donations can make fulfilling gifts for family, friends, and colleagues.

Organizations for Veterans:

  • American Corporate Partners
  • Special Operations Warrior Foundation
  • Vietnam Veterans of America
  • Marine Corps League

Local Organizations:

  • Boys & Girls Village
  • CT Cancer Foundation
  • Houston Food Bank
  • Closer to Free Ride

National Charities

  • Cards for Hospitalized Kids
  • American Cancer Society
  • Americares

Hunting & Wildlife Charities:

  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Hunting for Healing